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Privacy informative report

Privacy informative report in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679, known as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

● Pasticceria Massera Gino Srl does not in any way want to contribute to the increasing phenomenon of spamming on Internet.
Your personal information will therefore not be spread over the Internet or given to third parties, excluding any legal obligations and technical requirements connected with service supply.

● The data controller, Mr. Gianni Massera, is the legal representative of Pasticceria Massera Gino Srl. The information will be treated using computers by the Controller and operators hired by same.
Treatment is necessary for issuing the requested services, for elaborating statistics on the use of the services themselves and for sending requested information (where specifically authorised), both digital and on paper.

● An email request can be sent at any moment (info@massera.it) to verify, cancel, or modify the information held, or receive the list of those who control the information.
Alternatively, you can send written communication to: Pasticceria Massera Gino Srl – Via Regina Margherita, 9 – 13884 Fraz. Bornasco – Sala Biellese (BI).

● In addition to complying with all obligations in European and Italian law, we also guarantee that maximum attention will be paid to protecting your data from fraudulent access and the immediate cancellation from our lists following your request to do so.